The Andromeda Residences Experience


Nestled in a privileged location at Pera Gialos, Andromeda Residences stand elegantly at the picturesque port of Chora, under the imposing presence of the Venetian Castle, welcoming in the fresh sea breeze and the summer’s golden sunlight. Guests are given the most sincere and hearty welcome to a place where unique moments of relaxation and serenity are combined with authentic and vivid entertainment.

White surfaces, arches and curves that highlight the region’s architectural traditions with abundance of style. Luxury, privacy and comfort complete with all modern amenities. Convenient central location, unobstructed perspective of Pera Gialos and a diffuse sense of relaxation that complement the hospitality experience.

The family’s long naval tradition and the importance that sailors traditionally attached to the starry sky, played an important role in naming the hotel after Andromeda, a large constellation in the northern sky associated with a figure from Greek mythology.

Andromeda Residences


The owners, having many years of experience in the hospitality business from the “sister hotel” Andromeda Resort, wanted to transfer their love and passion to a place associated with family memories, so they decided to carefully renovate the old family building in Pera Gialos.

The premise is developed on 2 levels, featuring 5 modern, contemporary, autonomous, luxury apartments, fully furnished and equipped, ideal both for short holidays and for long stay for those who may work remotely.

Unique Benefits & Offers


5% Discount on Direct Reservations
Complimentary Arrival and Departure Transfer Service
Access to our Loyalty Scheme with Special Offers & Privileges

A Windless Embrace


The traditional port of the island stands at the foot of the Chora settlement just below the hill that is dominated by the Venetian Castle of Querini family. Its pebble beach, well protected from the north winds, is surrounded by shops, picturesque taverns and whitewashed houses. With a wide staircase, it is connected to the central square of Chora, where 8 preserved traditional windmills emerge.

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